Welcome to our Adult Training Program!

Professional Driving Training:

Means teaching our students a defensive and safe way to drive. Learning the ability to see and correct other
drivers' mistakes, by not focusing in one moving object and actually seeing every thing that is around. When
and how to use the mirrors, the blind spots in the vehicle, points of direction for parking the easy way.

One of the biggest fears of new drivers is the high speed driving, getting on and off the freeway. We specialize
in highway and freeway teaching, each one of our students will be taught freeway driving.

Brush Up Driving Lessons consist in:

- Lessons in a specific area; like parking, high traffic areas and freeway driving. An evaluation given by the
instructor of the student's driving skills and teaching the student accordingly.

Requirements for license:

- Be 18 years old
- Complete the application provided by the DMV
- Pass a vision exam and written traffic law test. There
are 36 questions on the test, you must have at least 31
correct answers to pass.

The DMV office will issue you a permit. This permit is practice driving
with an adult over 18 years old with a valid California license.
It is illegal for a permit holder to drive alone at all times.

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