Welcome to our
Teen Training Program!

Teenager Driving Training:

The Guerrero Driving School 3 day driving training program for teenagers
consists of the mandatory 6 hours driving behind the wheel for under 18 years
old.( 3 lessons of 2 hours each).

You will learn control of the vehicle, proper driving techniques and to dri
defensively. Pick-up and drop off from home, work or school at your convenience.

Procedures to get a Driving License for teens:

* Complete Driver's Education course
* Enroll with a Driving School for the 6 hrs behind the wheel training.

To enrollment:

You and/or a parent must make an appointment to meet with one of our
instructors to show proof of the completed Driver's Education course, make full
payment of the Teen Driving Training (6 hours), so we can provide you with an enrollment certificate.

Guerrero Driving School
The Professional way to Drive
Lic. 2763
* Pass a written Traffic Law Test at the DMV office.

* After presenting your enrollment certificate and passing the written test, you will be provided a learning permit.

* Take your 6 hour driving training behind the wheel.

* Practice driving for 50 hours with an adult 25 year or older with a valid California Driving License.
At lease 10 of the 50 hours must be done at night.

* Take the driving test after 6 months of having your learners permit.

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