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Out of State License:
If you are visiting California you may drive with your home state license, but if you work or
become a resident you must get a California driving license with in 10 days.

Revoked and Suspended License:
Please contact Juan Carlos Guerrero, owner, in reference to your specific case and situation
with your license.

Senior and Special Driving Training:
Our instructors are friendly, very patient and courteous.
The owner, Juan Carlos Guerrero, specialties are driving phobias and high speed driving
(highway and freeway).

Evaluation and Driving Test:
We will evaluate the student and accompany him or her to the driving test in one of our vehicles
only if ready, has the skills and driving habits required to pass the driving test.
If in the evaluation the instructor believes that the student is not ready for the driving test, the
instructor will inform and explain to the student what skills need to be improved to pass the
driving test. We can help prepare the student for the test but if we believe you are not ready,
we will not take you. It will be to the student's discretionto go on
his own with his or her own vehicle.

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